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Vegan Breakfast Replacement Smoothie December 11, 2019 by Kate @ The Green Loot There are mornings, when I just have absolutely no time to sit down and eat breakfast. Or I just don't know what to eat. Or I'm to lazy to even chew (yes, that happens, plea ... more

Adding inspirational blogs is my focus in 2022. I found some refreshing new ideas on She Can Blog. Since we are spending so much time working from home, why not make it a true sanctuary? Here is one of many blogs that will inspire you. HELENE IN B ... more

1. Ashley Brooke Designs Tired of the traditional red and green Christmas colors? Us too. We adore Ashley's vibrant and snazzy approach to the holidays. She's both colorful and stylish, and everything that she posts is honestly just so freakin' adorable. ... more

5 Marketing Ideas Leading Up to Thanksgiving Just as fast as October appeared, the time to put away the spooky decorations has come. While you still have time to prepare for the holidays, there is no need to wait until the turkey has been cut to get i ... more

They Give The Best Financial AdviceYou might be the guru to running the business and no one is taking that away from you but handling finances is a different ballgame altogether. If you need help regarding financial advice, a good accountant is always the ... more

As a start up company Alexia sees the benefit of barter and states " ITEX is my other business Partner providing me with new clients as well as savings towards goods and services any start up needs." ... more

Travel on barter throughout the world. Hotel accommodations, cruises, resorts and airline seats are available through barter companies and counter trade deals. For your next vacation, barter or exchange your unsold inventory, so you can travel on trade. C ... more

Recently Crystal and Hans Bridges were dining with their good friends, Patti and Jim, at a 4-star Atlanta restaurant, when the conversation suddenly turned very interesting. Leaning forward Patti said, "Do you mind if I ask you guys a personal question? ... more

Social media remains one of the most accessible and affordable digital marketing tools for small businesses. Yet nearly 40% of them don't use it. Being on the right platforms can boost brand awareness and engagement. It can also be good for ROI with 77% o ... more

Sandra Kenrick | October 18, 2021 Social event: check. Standing in the corner creepily observing guests hoping someone will come over: check. It doesn't take a genius to know that staring people into a conversation doesn't work. Quite the opposite, in ... more

Angelica Leicht | October 27, 2021 When it comes to building the best investment portfolio, you'll often hear that diversification is key. But what does that even mean - and why do you need to bother with it? After all, you already own a wide range of st ... more

There's No Limit to How Much You Can EarnYou're a hard-working, top performer - does your income reflect that? Most people leave money on the table because they don't have the systems in place to earn more. We'll help you uncover your hidden earning poten ... more

Roger Boroway, Franchise Owner, and his Trade & Office Manager, Hilda Salerno, joined the Fairfield Chamber and FELO to support their community and meet other local business owners. The Fairfield Chamber of Commerce is a vibrant and dynamic non-profit ... more